Attorney Bronsther is a Medicaid planning lawyer who serves individuals near Saratoga County, NY and the Capital Region. Whether you need assistance with planning for the future or planning because you are facing a crisis, he's able to provide you with personalized service and knowledgeable advice in the area of Medicaid law.

Medicaid is designed to help individuals who may struggle to pay for medical care by paying for some of those costs. In order to make sure that Medicaid is available to you, however, proper planning is necessary. Medicaid planning can be used in order to prevent certain assets from being counted against you, potentially damaging your eligibility for governmental benefits. As your Medicaid lawyer, Attorney Bronsther can guide you through the process. He can examine your estate and help you determine what should be included in this plan and how to make sure that everything is in order.


The cost associated with your long term care is very expensive, with an average being approximately $12,000 per month in the Capital Region. Your options for paying for your long term care, whether it be home care services or at skilled nursing facility are (1) paying privately, which could deplete your assets; (2) obtaining long term care insurance that will pay all or part of your care expenses for a period of time; or (3) qualifying for Medicaid, which has strict financial requirements. Attorney Bronsther is able to assist with the following:

  • Proactive Planning: Planning now may save you and your family thousands of dollars in the future.
  • Crisis Planning: It's never too late, and usually there is always something that can be done to save you and your family money, just not as much as if you planned ahead of time.
It's all about options. Attorney Bronsther strives to provide you with as many options and alternatives as possible so that you can protect your home and life savings for you and your family's future. Whether it be proactive or crisis planning, the services of a Medicaid planning attorney will help you immensely.

Attorney Bronsther is an experienced Medicaid attorney who aims to give his all for his clients. He serves individuals near Albany County, NY, and the following locations:
  • Saratoga County, NY
  • Schenectady County, NY
  • Rensselaer County, NY
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